Welcome to the world of nature-inclusive farming! In this new edition of our e-magazine Agrospecial, the teams of our Netherlands Agricultural Network showcase nature-inclusive practices and initiatives in 36 countries worldwide. They delve into the development, benefits and challenges of this innovative farming approach. Each team has a different story to tell.

The Netherlands Agricultural Network (LAN) is committed to the internationalization of the Dutch agriculture and nature domain. As an expert partner, the network contributes to the transition of the food system, the sustainability of the agricultural production and the promotion of biodiversity towards a sustainable world food supply. The teams are active at 60 Netherlands embassies and/or consulate-generals and serve more than 80 countries. They are also representants for the Netherlands at international organisations: EU in Brussels, FAO/WFP/IFAD in Rome, and OECD in Paris.


In this e-magazine the LAN teams focus on: 

  • Nature-inclusive farming practices, trends and opportunities worldwide. 
  • Challenges and complexities surrounding land use, access to resources, technical knowledge, and socio-economic factors. 
  • Stakeholders’ collaborative efforts and initiatives, driving change and enabling environments for nature-inclusive farming.
  • Benefits that nature-inclusive agriculture has to offer. From sustainable business models to increased resilience and income diversification
  • (Business) opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, companies and green knowledge institutions, as well as international stakeholders in the public and private sector worldwide. 
  • Incorporation and integration of nature-inclusive agriculture into policies and decision-making processes at local and national levels. 

Concept of nature-inclusive agriculture

Nature-inclusive farming is a transformative concept that recognizes the interdependence between agriculture and the natural environment. It includes the use of nature-based solutions to promote productivity or to prevent or control a pest or disease. It also addresses the integration of nature elements on the farm. It tries to strike a balance between sustainable food production and the conservation of biodiversity, soil health, water management and carbon sequestering. By embracing this holistic approach, farmers and other stakeholders play a crucial role in shaping a future where agriculture and nature coexist harmoniously.

Reading guide

  • The layout of this magazine is organized by continent (Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Middle East) including points of view from the Dutch public and private domain. Through the drop-down menu at the top left you will find all articles. Within each continent, the articles of the countries are structured in alphabetical order. 
  • Once you have opened and read an article, you can use the scroll bar on the right or left side of the screen or swipe up and down on your mobile device to navigate through the content.
  • Continue scrolling to explore all the information, analysis, and insights within the Agrospecial. You may encounter images, graphs, tables, and text that are relevant to the agricultural sector and food production in that specific area.

This Agrospecial is a source of inspiration and knowledge, providing insights into the potential of nature-inclusive farming practices worldwide. It is our collective responsibility to promote sustainable agricultural systems that not only ensure food security but also preserve the natural world for future generations. With this Agrospecial the Netherlands Agricultural Network wants to inspire the readers by sharing these showcases and hopes to deepen the engagement with relevant stakeholders worldwide.  

Enjoy your reading!

The Netherlands Agricultural Network